Personal Care

We can provide you with both personal and domestic care that is flexible and respectful to your standards. We will respectfully promote and assist you with your independence as well as developing your personal strengths and providing you with regulated care needs.


Care for as long as you need

Our care service is available for both temporary and permanent care. Whether it's social or private funding, we cater for all. If you would like to discuss your options or you want to get a free competitive quotation for any of our services, please contact us today.


Personalised care service

Our team of highly skilled carers will be there 7 days a week to be respond to all of your needs. We provide our clients with their own care manager who is there to maintain the best possible care for you or your loved one

Out & About

We recognise the importance of being able to enjoy the small things in life. 1st React Healthcare is here to help you continue your daily routine, even if you do need a little extra support.

Our support workers are able to take you to your favourite places, visit family, or even take you shopping. If going out is difficult for you, one of our support workers can spend time with you at home.

By discussing your individual care needs with 1st React Healthcare we can discover how to make a difference to you and your life.


Are you finding that cleaning your house has become difficult? Contact our skilled team at 1st React Healthcare. You can rely on us to deal with your home related tasks such as:

  • Helping clean your house

  • Daily tasks such as washing up, making the bed etc

  • Helping you with laundry & ironing

Our house visits and times are flexible. We want to help you continue to live at your home independently as much as possible. Our support staff can range from 1 hour a week to daily support.

All of our carers are employed for your security and comfort. Our staff are trained and experienced to the highest levels in providing professional, personal services.

Shopping & Groceries

1st React Healthcare can provide different levels of support based on your needs. One of our support workers can do the shopping for you or you might want to take our support worker shopping. Over time these tasks may become more difficult. 1st React Healthcare can make sure you have the help when you need it and stay happy, healthy & independent. 1st React Healthcare can help you by:

  • Assisting with shopping and helping you to enjoy your meals

  • Helping you get out to avoid isolation

  • Quietly monitoring your food, keeping you healthy

  • Helping you remain independent

At 1st React Healthcare, our objective is for you to remain independent and in your own home.

1st React Healthcare has invested in one of our own Mangar ELKs!

The Mangar Elk Emergency Lifting Cushion is a compact, portable, battery powered emergency lifting cushion that has been specifically designed to assist a user safely back to their feet after a fall. This can literally be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and making it particularly effective in small rooms or tight spaces where other lifting equipment cannot be used. Simple to use and designed to be used with the help of a carer, the person that has fallen is gently rolled onto the lifting cushion and helped to a sitting position. The Elk is then gradually inflated whilst the carer stands behind them, supporting them until they are in a high enough raised position to stand. Use of the Elk minimises the risks of accidents or injuries for both the carer and the user, risks that can be particularly high when assisting a heavier user. The Elk Emergency Lifting Cushion is used and recommended by most UK NHS Ambulance Trusts as a key piece of emergency equipment.


Providing The Following Services

1st React healthcare can offer you the complete package to keep your family happy in their own home

  • Non-nursing personal & domestic care

  • Temporary or permanent care

  • Day or night sitting including live-in care

  • Shopping, laundry & cooking

  • Morning & bed time assistance

  • Bath & showering

Do you or a loved one need personal care?

1st React Healthcare offers a wide range of services that cater to all needs &
to personal budgets. give us a call today on 01395 268 091 or 07738 353 381